We Iron Out The Creases To Give You Best Solution


*Competitive Factory Sourcing & Evaluation.

*Product Development.

*Order Negotiation.


*Production Planning and Management.

*Work in Progress Supervision.

*Quality Assurance.

(we also offer 3rd party inspections separately )

*In House Design Studio.

( New Creations, Innovations, Color Separations and Strike off on Digital Plotter)

*Logistic Support.

*Export Documentation.

*Web Based Order Tracking System.

*In House lab Testing of basic requirements.

*Compliance and Vendor Certification.

*Consultancy and Advisory Services.

Competitive Factory Sourcing & Evaluation.

Product Development

With our well established releationship with factories,we are able to get product developments at the right time.we ensure that product has been developed accoding to the clients’specifications. We also re-create an modify popular styling to suit clients,demands. Back to Top

Order Negotiation

We safegaurd client’s interest at all times.We always offer a very competitive price with quality. we filter the factories carefully and ensure our client’s expectations are met accordingly.

We belive that only way to ensure and quality and timely delivery is to monitor an order from its inception.we follow through the order form fabric production and wet processing to delivery to the production line. Back to Top


Production Planning and Management

Together with our experienced staff,we plan and organize the entire production process systematically.Every steps of the process is carefully planned and recorded.we monitor daily and weekl output assuring delivery deadlines are met. Back to Top

Work in Progress Supervision

Quality Assurance

We ensure that factories produce according to our client’s requirments and specifications. our team of quality controllers will conduct regular checks to assure quality is maintained at all times. Back to Top

In House Design Studio

Logistic Support

Export Documentation

Web Based Order Tracking System

In House lab Testing of basic requirements

Compliance and Vendor Certification

Consultancy and Advisory Services

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